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Property Maintenance Standards

Outdoor storage, vehicle parking, confinement of dogs, signs, trash removal, and the maintenance of property are all regulated by the City. The codes generally reflect the prevailing standards of our residents, and they are enforced by the Department of Community Development. The following is a summary of the most common resident responsibilities.  

Lawn Mowing: Grass and weeds must be cut before reaching a height of 7 inches. Grass must also be trimmed around areas such as fence lines, next to walks, and around posts or other barriers.

Trash Removal:

  1. Trash is picked up once per week at the curb. The weekly limit is six 32-gallon cans or the equivalent. For large item pickup, please call Rumpke at 851-0122 at least 2 days prior to your trash day.
  2. Litter, trash, rubbish and debris must not accumulate on any property at any time. Litter that is dropped or blown onto your property is your responsibility. Cleaning up litter is a responsibility shared by all of us. 
  3. Garbage and other debris must be stored in tightly covered, solid containers. 96-gallon rolling containers are available for rent ($1/month--call 595-5263 to arrange).
    1. Trash containers may not be stored in front yard, driveway, or anywhere in between the front of the house and the street.
    2. Trash containers can only be out at the curb beginning at 6 pm on the night before your collection day. After the trash is collected, the containers must be returned to your storage area by the end of the same day.
  4.  Litter, garbage, grass, leaves or other debris cannot be dumped in any park, open field, street, ditch, sewer, wooded area or in private dumpsters.

Cars, Trucks and Motor Vehicles:

  1. Inoperable, junk or unlicensed vehicles are not permitted to be visible to the public, and must be removed from the property, or parked inside a garage or under a carport.
    • A vehicle with broken or missing windows or flat tire(s) is considered inoperable. A vehicle with extensive body or frame damage is considered a junk vehicle. A vehicle without a current registration (in Ohio or elsewhere) is considered unlicensed.
  2. Vehicles parked in driveways cannot overhang or block the sidewalk.
  3. Vehicles parked on the street can only stay in one place for 72 hours maximum.
  4. Recreational vehicles, boats and campers are required to be parked in the rear of the property 6 ft. behind the property line.
  5. Parking of any motor vehicle must be on a paved surface, usually concrete or asphalt. parking is not permitted on grass, dirt or gravel.

Building Exterior:

  1. The building exterior must be kept in good repair, including cleaning of surfaces weathered with dirt and grime.
  2. Painted surfaces which are peeling, flaking or weathered must be scraped and covered with an appropriate protective coating or covering.
  3. Broken windows must be repaired promptly with glass or an equivalent material.
  4. House numbers must be mounted on the house and clearly visible from the street. (Address numbers cannot be painted on a flat surface or the curb). 
  5. Missing or loose objects (such as shingles, soffits, trim, shutters, brackets or siding) must be removed, repaired and/or replaced.
    1. Objects that are paired (such as shutters on either side of a window, or double garage doors), must be replaced in pairs.
    2. All objects of a given type (trim around the roof line, shutters, posts, or window frames) must be of the same color. Different types can have different colors.  

Fences, Walls, Hedges and Trees:

  1. Hedges, walls and fences have a height limit of 4 feet in the front yard and 6 feet in the side and rear yards. New fences and walls require a building permit.
  2. Trees overhanging the sidewalk must be trimmed to allow a clearance of 8 feet over the sidewalk.
  3. Leaves, grass and other yard waste must be cleaned up on a regular basis, and they are never allowed to be blown or raked into the street. 
    1. Leaves can placed with the regular trash for collection, but they must be bagged.
    2. Leaves can also be composted in a rear-yard compost bin. Leaves are not permitted to be burned.

Pets and Animals:

  1. Household pets must have appropriate licenses, inoculations, food, water and shelter from the weather.
  2. Dogs must be on a leash or contained by a fence at all times when they are outdoors. Dogs may not be left unattended in the front yard, whether on a leash or not, and invisible fences are not permitted in the front yard.
  3. Animals running free may be impounded by the City and turned over to the Cincinnati SPCA. 
  4. Report all dog bites (whether to a human or another dog) to the Hamilton County Department of Public Health. Download the form here.


  1. Swimming pools must be maintained to prevent health hazards, and keopt free from debris, leaves, rodents, etc. All pools must be fenced and have self-latching gates.
  2. Garage or yard sales are permitted on your own property twice per year. Signs advertising the sale are only permitted on your property or other private property with the owner's permission.
  3. Signs of any kind are prohibited from being posted in the right-of-way, which is generally the area of the street between the sidewalks, including the planting strip. Signs placed illegally in the right-of-way are removed promptly by the City.