About Forest Park

Living in FPForest Park was founded in 1956 as a master-planned community on land divested by the federal government after World War II. Forest Park grew rapidly and was incorporated as a village in 1961 and became a city in 1968.

Guided by a master plan to develop its 3,800-plus acres, Forest Park integrates commercial developments and neighborhoods while leaving the surrounding greenbelt virtually undisturbed.

Forest Park is now the third largest city in Hamilton County, Ohio, with approximately 18,720 residents in 7,900 households. We are located 14 miles north of downtown Cincinnati, 35 miles south of Dayton, and within 125 miles of Columbus, Indianapolis, Louisville, and Lexington.

Forest Park has about 5,500 single family houses, almost all of which are located on quiet residential streets and numerous cul-de-sacs. Home styles include single-story homes built in the 1950's and 60's, most with 3 bedrooms and a distinctive mid-century modern architecture, multi-level homes built in the 1960's, 70's and 80's

Forest Park lies within two public school districts. Winton Woods City School District is dedicated to the educational needs of approximately 4,500 students, and operates 7 schools: 1 pre-school, 3 elementary, 1 intermediate, 1 middle, and 1 high school. For more information call the Winton Woods Board of Education office at 619-2300. Students from the western side of our community are part of the Northwest Local School District, which operates 1 elementary, 1 middle and 1 high school. For more information call the Northwest Local School District office at 923-1000. Residents also have access to many private, parochial, and vocational schools in the area.