Forest Park eNews

What is FP eNews?
Forest Park Electronic News is technically a list server. This is an open electronic mail forum where subscribers can discuss issues and ask questions. All emails are sent to all of the subscribers on the list.
Why does the City of Forest Park Use FP eNews?
FP eNews provides an open forum for informing as well as inviting comment from the public. Many Councilmembers, former councilmembers, and even the City Manager belong to FP eNEWS so they can participate and get feedback from the community.
How do I subscribe / unsubscribe to FP eNews?
You need Internet access and an email account. Then all you need to do is click on the link below and complete the subscription information:
You will enter your email address, be asked for your name and you can enter a password. The name is optional, and the password is just so you can change your subscription options at a later time. You do not need the password to send or reply to anything on the list. While subscribing you will notice that you can choose a display language other than English if you wish. You also have the choice to receive a single batched list of messages once per day rather than receiving them as they are sent throughout the day.  Other than those few options the new site is designed to work almost the same as our old FPenews site.
On the subscription page your will see the address of the new FPenews to send and reply to, but I have listed it below as well:
Please note that since the City more directly manages this list server, State of Ohio open public records rules may apply, therefore we cannot promise the anonymity of our subscribers.  This is a public forum and all information posted may be displayed and open to the public.  We ask that everyone show respect and sensitivity when posting messages.