2021 Yard Beautification Contest

June 26-27, 2021
All Forest Park Residential Yards Will Automatically Be Judged - There is no need to register.
There are two possible awards:  The  Beatification Awards & The Marigold Award
Winners receive a yard flag (possibly two). 
What exactly will the judges be looking for?

Beautification Flags:  regular flag

  • Lawns must be well kept and without noticeable bare spots, and free of yard waste (branches, leaves, bags of mulch, etc.) – this includes the public right-of-way (the section between the sidewalk and the street).
  • Bushes and/or trees must be well trimmed and without bare limbs.
  • Trees that overhang the sidewalk must be trimmed to allow a clearance of 8 feet over the sidewalk
  • No awards will be given to houses with fake, plastic, or artificial flowers.
  • Houses with dead trees on their property will not be given an award
  • Good usage of decorative stones, bricks, walls, fences, etc. a plus
  • Lawns must be well trimmed and have a carpet-like thickness with a healthy green color
  • Driveway should be free of debris and weeds
  • Houses should be in good repair, with good curb appeal and conform with Forest Park Property Maintenance codes.

Marigold Flags: (The Marigold is the official City flower)
ach judge is only given a FEW Marigold flags so  they choose the homes with:marigold flag

  • The most Marigolds
  • Most creative use of Marigolds
  • Best display of Marigolds
  • Best use of color
  • Best use of size

If interested in being a volunteer judge, contact Rachel Wilson at rachelw@forestpark.org