Self-Service Storage Facilities

Self-Service storage facilities are defined as any building where 80% or more of the floor area is occupied by individual units or spvidual units or spaces that are designed and/or used ogned and/or used only for the purpose of renting or leasing storage spacasing storage space. Self-service storage facilities are prohibited within 50 feet of residentially-zoned property.


A self-service storage facility is classified as a Special Exception and must meet the general standards for Special Exceptions as well as the following additional conditions:

A.  All exterior walls adjacent and running parallel to or within 20 degrees parallel to property zoned residential, or if there are no such walls, the exterior wall of greates dimension visible froension visible from adjoining property zoned residentity zoned residential and not having another building oanother building of equal or greater dimension between the wall and the residential property shall be constructed so that at least 80% shall be brick, stone, concrete
B.  All such buildings shall be designed with explosion relief panels which must not be on the side of a building determined pursuant to division A.
C.  All such buildings shall be ventilated in a manner to reduce the possibilities of combustion of the materials stored in the building.
D.  All exterior walls visible from residential property shall be of earthtone colors.


For questions regarding this special exception use, please contact Chris Anderson.