Residential Zoning Districts
  • R-1 One-Family Residence (half-acre lots)
  • R-2 One-Family Residence (quarter-acre lots)
  • R-3 (Not currently used)
  • PR-3 Planned Multi-Family Residential
  • R-PUD Residential Planned Unit Development 
Commercial Zoning Districts
  • PB Planned Business (Retail-Restaurant-Personal Services-Office)
  • O Office 
  • PO Planned Office
  • HS Highway Service (Restaurant-Automotive-Convenience)
  • M Manufacturing 
  • IP Industrial Park
Mixed-Use Zoning Districts
  • SPA-1 Special Planning Area No. 1 (Kemper Meadow)
  • SPA-2 Special Planning Area No.  2 (East side  of Winton south of Kemper) 
  • SPA-3 Special Planning Area No. 3 (Carillon Park)
Important: The online version of the Zoning Code does not contain the tables for Appendix B (Use Status for Specific Zoning Districts) and Appendix C (Basic Requirements by Zoning District) that are found in the print version of the code. These are reproduced on the Zoning Tables page: 
Zoning Tables (Appendices B, C and D)
Zoning for a Specific Property
Due to the master-planned nature of the community, most zoning districts cover large tracts of land; there is very little "spot-zoning" within Forest Park. Zoning for a particular property can be found if you know the street address, by consulting the zoning-by-street table.