Hospitals, Nursing and Personal Care Facilities

Hospitals, nursing homes and personal care facilities are classified as Special Exceptions. These are facilities where a patient would normally either be a resident or where patients regularly stay overnight. In addition to the regular standards for a special exception, the following additional conditions apply:
1. Lot Area. Any lot or tract of land in such use shall not be less than two acres in area.
2. Building Setback. Any building in which patients are housed shall be at least 50 feet distant from any property line.
3. Heating Plant Location. Any heating plant shall be at least 200 feet distant from any property line.
4. License. All such facilities must be approved by and hold a current license from the respective state or county department having jurisdiction with such facilities.
5. Communicable Disease. Facilities to house or care for persons suffering from a communicable disease as defined by the State Director of Health shall meet with the additional condition that said facility be located no closer than 2,000 feet se by the school laws or within 2,000 feet of any school land used for recreation purposes in connection with school activities.
For questions regarding this special exception use, please contact Chris Anderson.