Home Occupations

Home occupations are business activities that take place within a home by the resident occupant. In general, a home occupation is not apparent to a casual observer. Home occupations are permitted in all residential zoning districts and there is no need to obtain a permit. A home occupation must fit all of the criteria below.
1. Resident occupants. Such occupations shall be conducted solely by resident occupants in their residence.
2. Limited floor area. That not more than one-fourth of the area of one floor of the residence shall be used for such purpose.

3. Residential character. No architectural feature that would distinguish the dwelling from a normal residence is allowed nor shall the use require internal or external alterations or involve construction features or the use of mechanical equipment not customary in dwellings.

4. Entrance. That the entrance to the space devoted to such use shall be from the dwelling.

5. Signs. Advertising signs are not permitted.

6. Traffic. The activity shall not generate abnormal traffic.

Examples of Home Occupations that are normally permitted: Home offices, Catering, Telecommuting, Crafting, Real estate, Web-based businesses, Outside sales work (i.e. resident goes to client for face-to-face meetings), Babysitting (no more than six children including resident children).

Examples of Home Occupations that are NOT permitted: Automotive repair, Beauty or barber shops, Machine shops, Retail sales of any kind.