Group Living Facilities

Group Living Facilities (also known as "group homes") are dwellings that house more than three unrelated people. This is based upon the definition of "family" in the Zoning Code, which is either:
  1. One or more persons related by blood, adoption, or marriage, plus not more than two unrelated persons living and cooking together in a single housekeeping unit, or
  2. Not more than three unrelated persons living and cooking together in a single housekeeping unit.
Group Living Facilities are Special Exceptions in the R-1, R-2 and R-3 One-Family Residence Districts. Group Living Facilities are Prohibited Uses in the PR-3 Planned Multi-Family Residence District and the R-PUD Residential Planned Unit Development Districts. In addition, Group Living Facilities that are for the criminally insane, that are commonly referred to as halfway houses, or that are provided for substance abuse programs, are Prohibited Uses in all zoning districts.
A Special Exception for a Group Living Facility must be authorized by the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing and evaluate the application for Special Exception according to criteria set out in §150.151 of the Zoning Code. All of the criteria in §150.151(A) must be met, and the Planning Commission must be able to make the findings in §150.151(B) before a Special Exception is authorized. There are seven criteria listed and eight findings that must be made. Anyone contemplating establishing a group living facility in Forest Park should thoroughly review the criteria and required findings, but criterion 7 is of particular importance: "With respect to zoning districts, there shall not be more than one group living facility for each increment of 1,000 single-family dwelling units, and there shall be a minimum of 1,000 feet between any two lots or parcels containing group living facilities."
Information sheet for prospective applicants, outlining the procedures and required findings for a group living facility.
For questions regarding Group Living Facilities, please contact Chris Anderson.