Stormwater Utility

Stormwater Management Utility plans, funds, constructs, and maintains the City's surface water management system using various drainage facilities to properly disperse stormwater. The Utility is similar to water, electric, and waste sewage utilities which charge user fees for the service. It is funded by the fees charged to property owners.

Stormwater Management Utility is responsible for maintaining and upgrading the City's existing storm drainage system. The department also handles the construction of additional storm drainage facilities and provides other services related to stormwater management. Forest Park maintains three regional storm water detention basins which temporarily detain and then slowly discharge storm water runoff.

Drainage Before Improvemets  Drainage after improvements
 Drainage before improvements  Drainage after improvements

The Need 
Regional detention basinAs homes, commercial buildings, and parking lots are built, natural ground cover is destroyed. This ground cover previously provided a natural absorption method for rainfall. Also, channeled water in drainage facilities results in increased velocity and volume. This in turn causes erosion of stream banks, damage to property, and buildup of sediment, reducing the efficiency drainage.  Drainage facilities require regular maintenance and occasional upgrading.

Utility Fees
The annual fee for one and two family homes is $36.00 per year, regardless of lot size.  This fee will be broken down into 12 monthly payments of $3.00 and will show up on your Cincinnati Water Works bill.

Stormwater fees for all other properties will be proportionally higher and based on the total land area (including parking lots, walks, etc.).  Hamilton County property maps are used to measure the square footage of each property.  Service charges are then computer based on the area of the property and a percentage factor reflecting the hard surface coverage for a specific use of land.  In this manner, the cost of effective stormwater management is equitably divided among all property owners according to the amount of stormwater each property generates.