School Resource Officer

Officer Vada Harris is currently assigned to the position of School Resource Officer (SRO) for Winton Woods High School. Winton Woods High School has approximately twelve hundred students and one hundred staff members. The SRO is the liaison between the local school district and the Police Department.

 The objective of the SRO Program is to bridge the gap between students and the police while establishing safety initiatives. The SRO Program has had a significant impact on reducing disciplinary problems at the high school. The duties of the SRO include conducting mediation between students, assisting parents with problems with their children, counseling students on resolving difficult situations, and instructional time in the classroom.

 The SRO Program sponsors a Student Police Academy (SPA) each school year. The Academy is a five-week program in which high school students are instructed by police officers on various topics. The students are exposed to some of the inner-workings of the police department to develop mutually respectful relationships.

Officer V. Harris is available to assist you with any student-related concerns at or call (513)-595-5220.