Registration for Special Needs and First Responder Engagements (R.S.A.F.E.)

The number of individuals living with special needs in our community has serious implications for all social institutions, but none more critical than for law enforcement and first responders. The nature and diversity of special needs individuals create unique scenarios that first responders must be prepared to address during calls for service. Addressing these needs includes department-wide mandatory training in the areas of (ASD) Autism spectrum disorder, Alzheimer’s disease, (CIT) crisis intervention training, and mental health awareness and interaction. In addition to first responder training, the police department is implementing a voluntary registry system for families, caregivers, and individuals taking care of those with special needs. This program is designed to provide first responders with information about our most vulnerable community members so we are better equipped when responding to calls involving special needs individuals. The information includes; name, address, physical descriptions, care-giver contact information, medications/medical condition, client communication methods such as, fears, triggers, and suggested de-escalation techniques, and a photo if available. The information is uploaded to the police department’s confidential RMS (Records Management System) and will provide timely and necessary information for first responders when dealing with a member of our special needs community. The information provided is confidential and is not shared or released without consent.

We encourage parents and caregivers who serve our seniors, special needs individuals, or other vulnerable citizens of our community to register so first responders can be better prepared to assist in a moment of crisis.   

Please use the form below to register the individual. You may also use the form found HERE.

Registration for Special Needs and First Responder Engagements