Operations Division

The Operations Division is comprised of the Patrol and Investigations Sections of the department. This division is tasked with providing the most visible and primary policing services to the community.

Patrol Section
The Patrol Section consists of all uniformed patrol officers, the department's training and K-9 units, as well as a school resource officer. The Patrol Section is the backbone of our organization.  Our patrol officers respond to over 20,000 calls for service annually. These officers are the first on scene in the most dire of circumstances. As the department's largest and most-active section, it operates three shifts with 24-hour coverage, 7 days a week.

Investigations Section
The Investigations Section is responsible for investigating both misdemeanor and felony offenses that occur within the city limits of Forest Park. The division is comprised of detectives, a detective's supervisor, and a forensic analyst. This division works closely with other State, Local and Federal agencies in order to aid in the successful conclusion of criminal cases.  The Investigations Section also includes the crime scene unit and property room personnel.

The Forest Park Police Department is a partner with the Drug Abuse Reduction Task Force. The primary purpose of the task force is to address street-level drug offenses in communities throughout Hamilton County. In an effort to combat illegal drug activity in Forest Park and our surrounding communities, officers are assigned to this task force for extended periods of time.

Lieutenant Adam Pape oversees the Operations Division. He can be reached at (513) 595-5220.