Professional Standards Division

The primary responsibility of the Professional Standards Division is to ensure the department's initial and continued compliance with the applicable standards set forth by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA).  Accreditation signifies that an agency has met specific standards of excellence and operates according to guidelines, policies, and procedures that meet internationally accepted practices. The agency hopes to be certified by 2021.

The division also strives to maintain positive engagement with the residents of the city.  Since the early 1990's t
he police department has embraced the philosophy of community policing. This endeavor has created a deeper level of community-based commitment to working together with our community members on issues and concerns that focus both on law enforcement and non-law enforcement matters.

Our primary method of community relationship development is based on police generated outreach initiatives. Examples of recent initiatives include the creation of a Community Response Specialist to provide non-traditional services to community members; development of a Clergy Associations; and providing specialized services to local daycare organizations, and the Winton Woods Intermediate School. We also utilize a School Resource Officer at Winton Woods High School.

We also participate in the Hamilton County "We Thrive" project. This community-based project is focused on enhancing the quality of life by promoting a healthier lifestyle. Additionally, we have developed relationships with many social groups of our minority community. When needed, we have also partnered with local first responders, non-profit organizations, and local businesses to render emergency aid to disasters outside of Forest Park.

Lieutenant Jim Ward oversees the Professional Standards Division. You can reach him at (513) 595-5220.