Inspection2Under the direction of the Fire Marshal, the Inspection Division strives to make the City of Forest Park a safe place to live, work or visit by providing a reasonable degree of safety to life and property from fire and hazards through enforcement of the City’s adopted fire codes and standards.  This is accomplished by conducting life safety inspections of existing structures and new building construction, code enforcement and fire scene investigations.

Inspections are completed by firefighters who hold certifications as Fire Safety Inspectors.  Our inspectors are tasked with making sure that businesses, schools, nursing homes and other commercial properties follow the provisions of the Ohio Fire Code.  This task is essential to preventing loss of life, injury and property loss. All commercial businesses are initially inspected in conjunction with application for an occupancy permit.  Thereafter, businesses are inspected on an annual basis. 

Fire personnel conduct yearly inspections of existing commercial, retail and office establishments as well as new construction and facilities and events that must comply with state and local licensing requirements.  In addition, the Fire Marshal conducts inspections on those businesses that require a state or city license such as day care centers and foster homes.  In most cases, licensing of these facilities will require a permit and a fee.

Child CareIf you require a Type A or Type B home daycare, foster care or adoption insp
ection, please click on the appropriate link below to access the permit application.  Please complete the application and return it to the Fire Department, along with any applicable fees, to schedule your inspection.

If you have any questions regarding inspections, please contact the Fire Department at 513-595-5243.