The City of Forest Park offers taxpayers many convenient methods to make municipal income tax payments.  Taxpayers can make payments – online, through the mail, in our drop box, or in-person.

**UPDATE**: The City of Forest Park's interest rate, beginning January 1, 2020 is 5% per annum on all unpaid income tax, unpaid estimated tax, and unpaid withholding tax.
Past annual interest rates:

  • 2019 - 7%
  • 2018 - 6%
  • 2017 - 6%
  • 2016 - 5%

At this time, taxpayers are encouraged to utilize 1 of the 2 links below for non-in-person forms of payment to limit the spread of COVID-19.

***Forest Park Online Income Tax Payment***

The City of Forest Park is offering this “Forest Park Online Income Tax Payment” link solely for your convenience.  When you click this link, you will leave our website and be redirected to a Fifth Third Bank Biller Direct Express Payment portal which is secure website on which to process either an electronic check or credit card payment to apply to your municipal income tax account with the City of Forest Park.

Once you land on the Biller Direct Express Payment Portal, you will be required to enter a "resident ID".  Your "Resident ID" is a combination of information that will assist the City in identifying where to apply your payment.  The Resident ID consists of your last name, the first initial of your first name, and the last four digits of your social security number.  For example:  John Donelly has a social security number of 111-22-3456.  John's Resident ID would be: Donelly (last name) + J (first initial of first name) + 3456 (last 4 digits of the SSN) = DonellyJ3456

Please DO NOT include middle names, but DO include suffixes such as Junior, Senior, and any roman numerals that are part of your name.  Please note that the maximum field length is 30 characters.

Online payments made through this payment link are subject to a flat $2.95 processing fee.

***eFile My Income Tax Return***

The City of Forest Park is offering this “eFile My Income Tax Return” link solely for your convenience.  When you click this link, you will leave our website and be redirected to a Municipal Income Tax Solutions secure website on which to file and pay your City income tax return.

These websites are not under the control of the City of Forest Park, but they are approved vendors of the City to file income tax returns, and to process ACH or credit card transactions for the City.  The City makes no representation or warranty regarding the accuracy of the information contained in the linked websites.  We suggest that you always verify the information obtained from and entered into the linked websites before processing a transaction.

Also, please be aware that the security and privacy policies on the linked websites may differ from the City’s policies, so please read third party privacy and security policies closely.  By continuing on to the third party site, you agree to be bound by the policies and terms of use for that site.  If you do not wish to continue to the third party site, click close or use the “Back” button on your web browser to return to the City of Forest Park website.

If you have any questions or concerns about the products and services offered on the linked websites, please contact the third party vendor directly.

Payments will continue to be accepted in-person at our office on a first come first serve basis.  Taxpayer assistance is available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  We accept, cash, checks, and all major credit cards.  There is a credit card processing fee of $3 or 2.65% of the payment amount, whichever is greater.

You can also contact our office for taxpayer assistance over the phone, by fax, or through email.

Please be advised that for everyone’s safety – Masks or facial coverings must be worn at all times.