New Tax Account

Each new Forest Park resident is required to complete a City of Forest Park Confidential Resident Registration questionnaire.  This is a digitally fillabe form.  We recommend downloading a copy and using a PDF software like Adobe Acrobat to complete it, as most web browsers have problems with fillable PDF forms.
  • Please be thorough, and fill in all fields.  Use "n/a" for any information that does not apply.
  • List all people living at the address.  This includes children, relatives, roommates, etc.  If anyone listed is not currently employed, please note the reason in the employer field.  Possible reasons would include: retired, child, on disability, temporarily unemployed, etc.
  • All individuals 18 and older need to extablish their own tax account with the City, and must complete their own registration.
  • Once the form is completed, please send it to  Be sure to include your email so our office can send confirmation of receipt.