Landlord Information

If you are the owner of a rental property within the City of Forest Park, the gain or loss, as filed on your Federal Schedule E or 8825, must be included and filed with the City of Forest Park annually.  Returns must be filed for all years that the property has been in you name.

Within 30 days of a new tenant occupying a rental property of any kind in the city, such as apartments, rooms, or other rental accommodations, all owners of said rental property must file with the Tax department a landlord tenant list which shows the name and address of each tenant.  You will find a tenant list, and property questionnare here.

Per the City of Forest Park Ordinance chapter 101.30, this information is required to be submitted.  Failure to do so can result in penalty per chapter 101.99 of the Ordinance.  The Forest Park Tax Ordinance protects the privacy of your personal information. 

The Forest Park Tax Office will assist you in the process of filing.  You may call (513) - 595 - 5211 for more information, or visit us in the municipal building at 1201 W Kemper Rd. Forest Park, OH 45240