Winton Woods High School Environmental Art Gallery


For the last two years, the Forest Park Environmental Awareness Program has partnered with the WW High School Art Department in developing an Environmental Art Competition for their students.  Students are encouraged to create artwork depicting an environmental issue or concept and then write a short narrative explaining their work.  Selected artwork is then displayed in the lobby of the City Municipal Building

Last year we focused on paintings.  Several paintings were entered in the competition with three winning pieces being hung in the City Building lobby over the winter months.  This year not only do we have paintings, but now we have added ceramic sculptures of endangered species to our gallery.  Each piece has been molded and fired by the students.  And as with the paintings, a short narrative accompanies each sculpture.


The painting and sculptures will be on display through the winter months.  We encourage residents to drop by and visit our little gallery in the City Building.  I think you will find it interesting and informative.

Special thanks must go to the two WW High School art teachers, who without their efforts and support, this program would not have succeeded.

  • Carol Becci– Youngs—WW Art Facilitator
  • Megan Smarda—WW Art Teacher (sculpture)