Humans in Nature
Below are a selection of videos that may prove interesting as well as educational.  They vary in origin and in length.

If you have a video you think would be interesting as well, please contact the Forest Park Environmental Awareness Program.  The Manager would be happy to review it for consideration.

Winton Woods School District PresentationsMacaw
Sponsored by the FP Environmental Program

  • Croc Talk - Newport Aquarium (55 minutes)
    Winton Woods Intermediate School
  • Shark Cart - Newport Aquarium (55 minutes)
    Winton Woods Intermediate School
  • Wings of Wonder Show - Cincinnati Zoo (51 Minutes)
    Winton Woods Intermediate School

Local Government
Produced by Waycross Community Media

Environmental - From Various Organizations and Sites

  • Vanishing Series - CNN   (23 Minutes)
    ElephantsSixth Mass Extinction - The era of 'biological annihilation'

    African Elephants
    Coral Reefs
    Pacific Ocean
    Bumble Bees
    Tropical Ecosystems

  • The Race to Save the Reef - CNN   (25 Minutes) 
    Focuses on the Great Barrier Reef - Australia
Coral Reef