Residential Dead or Dying Tree/Limb Removal Program

Removing Dead Tree
Over the years our urban forest has taken a beating.   From aging trees to various infestations (Emerald Ash Borer), large segments of our trees have died or are dying. This situation is not unique to Forest Park. Communities throughout Ohio are experiencing the same devastating problem.   However, what is different is Forest Park’s determination to develop a long-term, comprehensive solution.

The City long-term goal has always been to ensure the vitality and diversity of its urban forest. This is seen through a variety of forest management programs which have included street/park tree maintenance programs, the Chipper-Chipper and Christmas Tree Drop-off Programs, and the “Reforesting” Forest Park Program.   The final piece of its urban forestry management program was the Residential Dead or Dying Tree/Limb Removal Program that began in 2018. 


•   To provide financial assistance in the removal of dead and dying trees/limbs to single and double family households.
•   To identify and enlist the services of tree experts.
•   To remove potentially dangerous and unsightly trees and limbs.

Street trees  are not eligible in this program (trees between the sidewalk and the street)
   The City's Public Works Department is responsible for those trees (595-5258). 

Program Description

1.   Funding

  • The Environmental Program will place $15,000 in their annual budget for residential subsidies.
  • Subsidies will be 50% of the cost of the dead or dying tree/limb removal up to a maximum subsidy amount of $750 per household.
  • Subsidies will be allocated to households on a "first come, first serve" basis.  
  • Subsidies will help fund the removal of dead/dying trees & limbs ONLY.  Any cosmetic work such as stump removal, tree "pruning" and grass seeding will be contracted separately with the contractor and directly paid for by the resident.

2.  Registration  (MUST REGISTER)

The month of August (registration occurs the entire month)

  • Registration:
    1. In-Person - Registration sheets in the lobby of the City Municipal Building. 
    2. Contacting Environmental Office - Call or email the below information
      • Name
      • address
      • phone number
      • email address
      • number of trees to be assessed (FREE)

  • Residents MUST REGISTER to receive a FREE site assessments and cost estimate from our partnering ArboRx Tree Specialist. 
  • Site assessments can only be done by ArboRx Tree Specialist.  Site assessments include marking eligible trees, taking site (tree) photos, and providing tree removal cost estimates.
  • After the registration period is completed (August), residents who did not register can contact the Environmental Office to inquire whether or not funding is still available.  If funding is available, they may be able to register with the Environmental Manager at that time. 

3.  Free Assessments, Cost Estimates and Tree/Limb Removals

September, October, November and December
(weather dependent)

  • Residents receive contractors' contact information.
  • Contractors receive residents' registration information.
  • Site assessment visits are scheduled - including marking trees, taking site photos and providing removal cost estimates.

    Street trees  are not eligible in this program (trees between the sidewalk and the street).

  • Resident/contractor agree on contract terms and schedule tree/limb removal.
    1. The wood can be removed from the property or kept on site for the resident. 
      Let your contractor know what you want to do before the final cost estimate. 
    2.  Any and all cosmetic work is directly paid for by the resident.
      •  Stump Removal - Stumps can not be higher than 7 inches. (City Ordinance)
      • Yard Raking/Grass Seeding
If you want a "replacement" tree for the tree you cut down,
check out our "Reforest Forest Park" Program

4.   Contractors

  • Residents must use ArboRx Tree Specialist, Inc. for all tree assessments.
  • Residents can, after the initial tree assessment is completed, contract with another contractor if the contractor has the necessary qualifications.  Documents containing the below information must be submitted to the Environmental Office and APPROVED before any subsidy funding is provided.  Outside contractor approval will come in the form of a letter from the Environmental Office once documentation has been reviewed and approved.  Any work done by outside contractors before written approval is given will not be eligible for subsidy funding.

    Qualifications and Documentation
    1. Only qualifying trees/limbs initially marked by ArboRx Tree Specialist are subject to removal by outside contractors.  Any tree/limb removed that was not marked by ArboRx IS NOT ELIGIBLE for subsidy funding.
    2. Contractor must be a certified Arborist.
    3. Contractor must have company insurance and workers compensation.
    4. Contractor's estimate invoice
  • Residents have 30 days after receiving ArboRx's initial assessment/cost estimate to provide the above information to the Environmental Office.  After 30 days, if the resident has not submitted the above documentation and trees/limbs are removed, no subsidies will be provided. 

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