School Gardening

Since its creation in 1988, the Forest Park Environmental Program has dedicated the majority of its time and resources in developing a truly comprehensive and pro-active school outreach program.  Over the last 30 years, the outreach program has included:

  • Education Specials who worked directly with teachers, administrators and students,
  • Outside environmental presentations,
  • Environmental competitions,
  • Environmental clubs,
  • Field trips, and
  • Land labs.

These last 30+ years have required a certain amount of flexibility simply because situations change.  However, with each change comes new possibilities.

The most recent change came in 2021 involving the District's restructuring efforts by concentrating their students into two large campuses - Winton Woods South (1-6 grades) and North (7-12 grades).  This restructuring has created some new possibilities ..................

The Winton Woods South Campus Partnership

The Partnership is designed to combine school and City expertise and resources while developing a comprehensive and interdisciplinary environmental curriculum for those within the WW School District’s South Campus. The Partnership produces and provides hands-on, problem-solving activities that will challenge the user to look closely at specific environmental issues while assisting the user to look beyond them.

Funding is provided by the FP Environmental Program while program design and development originates from teachers and staff.  Each program proposal is evaluated by the school's newly created Central Committee composed of teachers and students, and if approved, the sponsoring teachers will receive a gift card for supplies and materials.  Each year programs will be evaluated and modified if necessary.

Proposals could include one or several of the formats below.

  • In-classroom activities and presentations
  • Outside projects
  • Community projects
  • Outside presenters
  • Field trips
  • Experiments

For those Winton Woods teachers interested in submitting a proposal, complete the application below.

Winton Woods South Campus
FP Environmental Program
Project Application