"People Working Cooperatively" Partnership

The Forest Park Environmental Awareness Program has partnered with several organizations and companies over the past decade to provided expertise and funding to residents who had home improvement needs.
Currently, we are partnering with People Working Cooperatively's (PWC) "Whole House" Program.
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PWC works with residents who fall under a certain income level.  Below is a chart to help residents determine if they are eligible for this program.  

  • The first line represents the number of people living in the household.
  • The second line identifies the amount of income the household generates annually.   
If your household has a combined annual income equal to or less than those identified in the chart, then they are eligible for PWC services.

Number Of People In Household

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Annual Income Levels of Household

$ 38,500 $44,000 $49,500 $54,950 $59,350 $63,750 $68,150 $72,550

What type of home improvements are possible?

PWC is committed to providing the knowledge, products and services needed to help you remain in your home. Certified experts will remove barriers that are major challenges to you.  Below are the improvements they can make.

Energy Issues

  • Refrigerator or freezer replacement
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Wall or attic Insulation
  • Air sealing
  • Water heater replacement/repair
  • Pipe wraps, low-flow shower heads
  • Heat pump or furnace replacement
 Health Issues

  • ASHRAE rated fans
  • Smoke alarms
  • Carbon dioxide detectors

Independent Living Issues

  • Grab bars
  • Interior/exterior handrails
  • Fall prevention education

Miscellaneous Repairs

  • Minor plumbing and electric

How much does the resident have to pay?

There is no cost to residents.  The Forest Park Environmental Program and PWC will cover all material costs and labor expenses. All you have to do is "sign-up" and qualify within the income requirements.

How can I sign up for the "Whole House" Improvement Program?

Step 1 - Contact PWC's Call Center
PWC has establish a phone number to call when requesting assistance.  Just tell them you are from Forest Park and want to participate in the "Whole House" Improvement Program.  A staff member will ask you questions concerning your household, income, utility provider and home repair needs.

                               Phone Number:   513-351-7921             Email Address:   fp@pwchomerepairs.org 

Step 2
PWC will place the provided information in an application and mail it to you.  

Step 3 - Once you have received the mailed application, you must:

  • Sign the application thus signifying the accuracy of the information.
  • Provide proof of your claimed income and home ownership (if information isn't available online).
  • Mail or fax the signed application and needed documentation to PWC staff.
  • Sign the authorization form for participation in this program.
Step 4
PWC staff will review all documentation to determine your eligibility.

Step 5

It is recommended you contact PWC 7 to 10 days after mailing in the requested information to see if your information has been approved.  

  • 513-351-7921 (Registration)
  • 513-482-5110 (Production Support/Service Scheduling)
  • fp@pwchomerepairs.org