Paper Shredding

There are two (2) ways Hamilton County residents can properly dispose of "information sensitive" documents.

  1. Directing cars to truck  Residential Paper Shredding Events
      (for large amounts of paper)

    • Forest Park Community Shredding Event

      Maximum per Vehicle - 3-5 Boxes/Bags of Paper

      September 10, 2022   10 am - 1 pm
      West Kemper Park (1280 West Kemper Rd)

      This is an annual event. 

      Sponsored by:

      *  Forest Park Environmental Program
      *  Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Phi Psi Omega Chapter
          Twenty Cultured Pearls Foundation.

Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Volunteers
The FP Community Shredding Event is often paired with the

  1.   Most events will shred paper/documents "off-site." This means paper will be collected, placed in "locked" containers, and then transported to the company's facility where it will then be shredded.
  2.  Unacceptable Items include:

            *  NO three-ringed binders or binder clips or large metal objects
            *  NO wet paper, plastics or pressurized containes
            *  NO hard drives, CDs or disks of any kind
            *  NO Video tapes/film reels or ink cartridges/toners
            *  NO batteries or electrical items
            *  NO syringes

            2.  Forest Park's Residential Paper Shredding Station
                 (for small amounts of paper) 

Residential Paper Shredding Station
    • Available to residents when building is open
      (Monday - Friday, 8 am - 4:30 PM)
    • Can shred paper clips and staples
    • Small amounts ONLY