Home Cleanout Assistance Program

Dumpster being filled (Revize upload)

Our Home Cleanout Assistance Program was developed to help residents clean out clutter and trash that has accumulated over the years. In some circumstances, this program is the last opportunity for the occupants to stay in their homes.

It begins when the Forest Park Fire Department is notified about a house that has safety concerns.  This notification could originate from the police department, the county health department, or even from family members.  Once notified, the Forest Park Fire Department sends an inspector to the residence to discuss the situation with the occupants.  This may result in written orders to bring the home back into safer living conditions.  The occupants then have some decisions to make.

Choices to be Made

  1. To participate in the Home Cleanout Assistance Program.
  2. To not participate in the Home Cleanout Assistance Program but will make improvements on their own in time for the next scheduled inspection.

     * Failing to make improvements may cause their removal from the premises.

       This is what we are trying to avoid.

Home Cleanout Program

  1. Occupants complete the necessary paperwork (Disclaimer Form).
  2. Occupants pay the FP Environmental Program for the cost of a 30 cubic yard dumpster ($345).
  3. The dumpster is ordered by the FP Environmental Program and delivered to the property.
  4. Occupants have 30 days to use the dumpster.
  5. After 30 days, the FP Fire Department Inspector examines the dumpster and documents the use.  The dumpster is then removed from the property.

    Depending on the use of the dumpster, the Inspector completes the Reimbursement Form and has an occupant sign IT.
    • 1/4 full - occupants receive $  86.25
    • 1/2 full - occupants receive $172.50
    • 3/4 full - occupants receive $258.75
    • Completely full - occupants receive entire amount ($345)

  6. The FP Environmental Program submits the Reimbursement Form to the Finance Department for payment.
  7.  A "reimbursement" check is mailed to the occupants within 30 days.