Residential Solid Waste/Recycling Collection Program

What Residents Need to Know!
Rumpke Garbage Truck
In 2008, the City signed its first solid waste contract.  The company selected to collect its solid waste and recyclables was Rumpke.  Since then, the City has maintained its relationship with Rumpke and has recently entered into its third 5-year contract  with them (2018-2023).

Below are important guidelines and information for residents who are just moving in or for those who have made Forest Park their home for quite sometime.  For those moving in, you can immediately put weekly solid waste/recyclables out for collection.  However, it is important to contact the organizations below and review the City's Solid Waste/Recycling Collection Program Guidelines in order to better understand how the Program works. 

Contact Information

1.      Greater Cincinnati Waterworks (GCWW)
For those buying a house and moving in, it is recommended to contact the Greater Cincinnati Waterworks to place your name on the water account.  When you receive your monthly water bill, you will be making one payment for the following services:
  • Water
  • Sewer
  • Forest Park's Solid Waste/Recycling Collection
  • Forest Park's Stormwater Management
*  Renters
Discuss with your landlord how he wishes you to pay for the utilities (including solid waste/recycling collection).  Some landlords require the tenant to contact GCWW and place their names on the water account.
*  Vacant House Owners
If the water remains on, the owner will still receive a solid waste bill.  The only way a homeowner can avoid solid waste collection fees is to have the Greater Cincinnati Water Works (GCWW) turn off the home's water.  If the homeowner needs to have the water on to show the home, contact GCWW and they will come out in a matter of days to turn the water back on. 
2.      Forest Park Environmental Program
The FP Environmental Manager coordinates the City's solid waste/recycling collection program.  Therefore, if a resident has concerns or problems, needs a trash/recycling container, notices their container is broken and needs to be fixed or replaced, or just has general questions, it is recommended to contact him first before calling Rumpke or GCWW.  The Environmental Manager will listen and decide what actions need to be taken.  He will then contact whichever company needs to be involved.

3.      Rumpke Customer Service
If you have a large item you want picked up on trash day (items over 80 lbs. or can not fit in a container), you will need to contact Rumpke at least 48 hours before your weekly trash collection day.  Rumpke needs at least two days to ensure the message is conveyed to the trash collectors.  They will tell you how to prepare the item as well as schedule its collection.
Solid Waste/Recycling Collection Program Guidelines
1.     Two levels of weekly solid waste/recycling collection services
Trash and recyclables are collected the same day.
Full Service - new residents automatically default to this service

  • Monthly Collection Fee - $19/month
  • 95-gal Trash Container Rental Fee - $2.50/month/container
  • 35-gal, 65-gal, or 95-gal recycling tote (NO CHARGE)
  • Weekly Trash Limit (190 gallon capacity)

    Large Items  
        One (1) per week, call Rumpke at least 48-hours before weekly pickup to schedule

    Regular Trash Collection - 95-gal containers

       - 2 trash containers (NO extra garbage cans or bags beside them) 
      -  1 trash container and 5 extra garbage bags
      -  0 trash containers (Can put out a maximum of 10 garbage bags)
    Curbside Recycling Container

Eco-Tier Service - must register for this service

This is the City's "discounted" service and is designed for households that generate a minimal amount of solid waste and/or actively recycle. 

  • Monthly Collection Fee - $14/monthSW sticker
  • Trash Container Rental Fee - $0/month
    Choice between one (1) 35-gal or 65-gal Rumpke  container
  • 35-gal, 65-gal, or 95-gal recycling tote (NO CHARGE)
  • Weekly Trash Limit  

    *  Large Items  
        One (1) per week, call Rumpke at least 48-hours before weekly pickup to schedule

    Regular Trash CollectionAll weekly trash MUST be in the container with lid closed
       Extra bags beside the container require $1 stickers 

     *  Curbside Recycling Container

House over limitWeekly Limits Reasoning
The contract is designed for average weekly trash generation, not for large "spring cleanings" or "moving out" situations.  If a resident puts out more than allowed, the resident could receive a City property maintenance ticket.  And if the material is not removed from the curb within a few days, a lien could be placed on the property to pay for the "special pickup" the City will schedule to remove it.

For residents who have more solid waste than the weekly limit allows, the City recommends......
  • Holding the materials until the following week.
  • For additional waste disposal alternatives, visit "Roll Off Container Rental" and "Junk Hauling Services" on our Solid Waste Collection Services site. 
    Residents must pay the company directly.  This is not part of the City contract.
2.     Large Items
Items over 75 lbs. or can't fit in a trash container.   
Large items

  • One (1) large item is allowed each week. 
  • Residents must call Rumpke Customer Service (742-2900) at least 48 hours before their weekly pickup to schedule its collection.

Special Large Item Preparations
  • Carpets - Cut carpet in strips 4 ft wide and roll into bundle (24 inches in diameter and tied)
                                                                                  1-5 rolls = 1 Large Item
  • Mattress and Boxsprings - Rumpke may ask you to wrap in large plastic bag (bed bugs)

3.    Yardwaste
Yardwaste will be collected according to the following requirements. 

  • Place bags of leaves inside or beside trash containers
  • Bags can be either paper or plastic
  • Leaves will be landfilled and not composted
  • Each yardwaste bag beside trash containers is the equivalent to one "garbage bag."
Limbs and Branches

  • Limbs and branches no longer than 4 feet in length
  • Limbs and branches must be tied in bundles no larger than 20 inches in diameter
  • One (1) bundle is the equivalent to one (1) garbage bag.
  • Five (5) bundles are the equivalent to one (1) "large item."
4.    Trash and Recycling Containers
        Contact the FP Environmental Program to REQUEST or REMOVE Rumpke containers (595-5263)

  • trash and recycling containersTrash Containers (Brown Containers)
There is no City ordinance requiring residents to use trash containers.  However, Forest Park is constantly visited by a multitude of small animals who love ripping into garbage bags searching for food.  Thus the City highly recommends either purchasing containers from a store or renting them from Rumpke.
  •  Recycling Containers (Green Containers)
The City encourages residents to actively recycle. 
There is NO CHARGE for using a Rumpke recycling container.

There are three (3) sizes available - 35-gal, 65-gal, and 95-gal.
5.     Weekly Collection Schedule
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday

6.      Local Alternative Collection Services

  • Forest Park's Environmental's Large Appliances Collection Program (including those w/Freon).
  • Forest Park's  Public Work's Chipper Program for limbs and brush.
  • For additional waste disposal alternatives, visit our Recycling Opportunity sites that contains a wealth of local recycling outlets.