Fall Leaves Disposal Options

The City of Forest Park does not have a leaf collection program

There are several reasons this service is not currently provided.  They include:

  • the cost of creating and maintaining the service,

  • the lack of any storage site for the collected leaves, and

  • the environmental problems leaves create when raked onto the curb (clogged stormdrains and drainage ditches). 

If residents are found to be raking leaves into the street, they will be in violation of Ordinance 36-1974 Section 94.07 - Litter In Drainage Easements, and Bodies of Water.  
Leaf Disposal Options

1.   Mulch your leaves with your lawn mower.  The mulched leaves provide valuable nutrients to your soil.
2.   Compost leaves.   You can also visit Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste Management District website for more composting information.

3.   Transporting your leaves to a county-sponsored yardwaste drop-off site where they will be composted.  The closest site is located at the Rumpke landfill on Struble Road.  Contact the Hamilton County Recycling and Solid Waste Management District for more information.

4.   Bag and put them on the curb for weekly Rumpke Collection.