Fall Cleanup (leaves)


Since 2015, the Environmental Awareness Program has partnered with People Working Cooperatively (PWC) to assist our resident's who are not physically able to clean out their gutters and/or properly remove fallen leaves from their yards.
Collecting leaves with Board Chair
PWC recruits and coordinates all the volunteers responsible for gathering the leaves on residents' property while members of the Forest Park Environmental Board of Directors ride around picking up all leaf bags. 

The leaves are then taken to two locations:

WWHS Compost Bins
Winton Woods High School where a three-chambered composting bin has been constructed by the Environmental Program.  These leaves compost over the winter and are later used by the school's science classes.

Dumpster 2

A Rumpke dumpster dropped in the City parking lot.  These leaves are taken to the Rumpke facility for composting. 

Residents who want to bag their leaves also have access to the Rumpke dumpster over the weekend.  Their only requirement is NO PLASTIC BAGS!  
Sign 2