Environmental High IQ Bowl

Gold Metal
"The Bowl" was a unique environmental competition for 6th graders within the Winton Woods School District. For approximately three months, students studied materials prepared by the Environmental Awareness Program.  After which, they formed into teams and met in January for a one day competition.

Student Buzzing In

It is a grueling competition.   Teams of students are quizzed throughout the day on a variety of environmental topics which included ……. energy, biology, solid waste, human population, ecosystems, water, soil, and air resources.

2011 Champions

It is a long but fun day.  

And in the end, we all emerge as winners!

Audience in the Council ChambersThe competition was retired in 2011 after 23 years. Below is the last competition in its entirety. 
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1.  Preliminary Game 1
2.  Preliminary Game 2
3.  Preliminary Game 3
  4.  Championship Game