Environmental Clubs

Recyclable to be Sorted

After an exciting 23 years of the Environmental High IQ Bowl, it was decided to give it a well deserved rest.  The Bowl had a great run.  Many students worked hard learning vast amounts of environmental information and enjoyed competing against one another in hopes of becoming the next Environmental High IQ Bowl Champion. 
Sorting Out Recyclables - Copy

But in 2012, our efforts refocused on developing school environmental clubs within the Winton Woods City School District.

Winton Woods Intermediate School

The ECO-Warriors is a Winton Woods Intermediate School environmental club that meets every two weeks. Topics explored include biodiversity, solid waste/recycling, water management, soil conservation, and energy efficiency.

Building Solar Ovens

Exploring Creeks

Our format changes with each meeting.  We could have Outreach Coordinators from various environmental organizations conducting presentations; we could go on field trips OR we could just stay in the classroom and conduct thought provoking, hands-on activities.

Presentations - Cincinnati Zoo (2)

The photo on your left shows Mike (Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens) conducting an outreach presentation on biodiversity.