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Ideally, eco-travels are designed to financially benefit local communities without significantly harming their Elephant Ridesurrounding environments. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Therefore, It is strongly recommended to review information within the "Evaluating Ecotourism Operators and Agents," "Exploring Ecotourism in the Americas," and the "Planeta Com: Eco-travels in Latin America" websites before researching advertised travel opportunities such as ecological tours, field studies, and wilderness/wildlife viewing experiences.

Belize Vacation

                Absorbing the "island" culture


Adventure, Restoration and Volunteer Trips

Sierra Club volunteers

    Repairing an historic ranch house in Utah 

As an organization, the Forest Park Environmental Awareness Program does not necessarily endorse or promote any of the above websites.  It is the reader's responsibility to research this information and to determine what is appropriate for his or her situation.