Educational Outreach


As you scan through our web pages, we hope you begin to notice a common theme - a variety of program and activities that hopefully will reach at least one interest within every Forest Park resident.  Whether their interest lies with solid waste/recycling, urban forestry, energy conservation/efficiency, water and air quality, or just hunger for more environmental information, we strive to provide. 
Although we strive to reach all residents, we do have a special focus designed for one specific group - our teachers, students and schools within the Winton Woods School District.  Some of these programs were specifically requested by teachers while others were conceived within the Forest Park office.  Whatever their origin, they all have proven successful as well as fun.

If you would like more information on a specific program, place the cursor on the "Educational Outreach" heading located on the left side of this page.........then click the program you would like to review.
We believe in sharing as much information as possible.
If our materials assist your program in any way, then we all benefit!