Carbon Offsets

How Carbon Offset Works

Various organizations have been created to educate the public about the imminent problems of habitat destruction and greenhouse gas emissions.  These organizations also offer residents the opportunity to participate in market-based solutions to these global concerns. 

Some of these organizations focus on Carbon Credits.  Through information you provide each site, you will discover the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) your actions produce each year.  Once the calculations are completed, they will identify a cost to compensate for the generation of these emissions.  Your payment goes directly to projects that reduce global pollution by supporting renewable energy, efficiency and reforestation projects that reduce carbon emissions.

Although these programs seem to have much merit, some controversies have arisen concerning the benefits and the effects of "carbon offset" programs.  

"Some disagree with the principle of carbon offsets. An English environmentalist and writer, has compared carbon offsets to the practice of purchasing indulgences during the Middle Ages, whereby, according to popular misunderstanding, people with money could purchase forgiveness for their sins (instead of actually repenting and not sinning anymore). Monbiot also says that carbon offsets are an excuse for business as usual with regards to pollution. In addition, some economists have questioned if carbon trading schemes are delivering the expected benefits. These questions result from a collapse in the price of carbon credits at two of the major carbon trading schemes.[17] There are also concerns that using carbon offsets actually increases demand for polluting sources of power since overall power consumption is not being reduced."

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Another type of organization focuses of "result-based financing."  These organizations sponsor various environmental projects that are designed to meet specific guidelines throughout the projects development.  These guidelines or requirements help assure that all funding is efficiently spent as well as insures that the funding provides the desired results.  As each requirement is met, funding is provided.

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