Attic Insulation - Air Sealing

Insulating Actic

Mission Statement
Its mission is to provide residents with needed resources to ensure that their home heating and cooling systems function at maximum efficiency. 

Program Partners

The below contractors have agreed to partner with the Forest Park Environmental Program.  Only these contractors qualify to incorporate the Forest Park Environmental subsidy in their costs!

  • Cool time Heating and CoolingInsulating Attic
  • Home Energy Services
  • Tiburon Energy

What type of home improvements are possible? 

  • FREE Energy Efficiency Assessment
  • Attic Insulation & Air Sealing (to R-49 rating)

How much does the resident have to pay?

Residents could actual pay a little as 50% of the total costs once the Environmental Program's subsidies are removed from the customer's cost.  If the cost of air sealing and insulation is 2,000 or less, we split the costs!  

Program Logo

The Forest Park Environmental Program Subsidies
Attic Insulation & Air Sealing - 50% subsidy
(maximum subsidy amount is $1,000)

For more information about this Program and receive a
FREE insulation/air sealing home assessment:

Cool time Heating and Cooling  
Home Energy Services 

Tiburon Energy