Acceptable Curbside and Drop-Off Recyclable Materials

Unacceptable Materials

Below are the materials currently acceptable in Rumpke's curbside and drop-off recycling services.
New Acceptable Materials as of February, 2022:
Paper, Plastic and Aluminum Cups


New Plastic Items to RecycleMETAL
CARTONSDon't Recycle

Please Note the Following:
  • NOT ACCEPTABLE - clothes, batteries (of any type), plastic bags (of any kind), pots/pans, toys
  • REMOVE - tips and lids from aerosol cans
  • EMPTY - all containers (especially important for aerosols containers)
  • GLASS - Bottles and jars of ANY color is acceptable
  • PLASTICS - bottles, jars, butter tubs, yogurt/fruit cups, etc. are acceptable.  
    Lids acceptable if attached.
    (no plastic toys and NO PLASTIC BAGS)
  • PAPER - PLEASE FLATTEN all boxes (especially corrugated cardboard boxes)