Helping Businesses Grow and Prosper

Ribon CuttingThe city of Forest Park has an award-winning economic development program in place.  We have made significant investments to facilitate private investment, improve public infrastructure, and, ultimately, create a first class business environment.  Equally as important, we have established effective incentives (some unique to Forest Park) to improve your company's bottom line.  No doubt, you can, and will, find long term success at your Forest Park location.  Our economic development program has produced impressive results!  Since 2013, local companies have invested more than $90 million on projects that created or retained of 3,000 jobs, demonstrating that Forest Park is a top choice for business development.  The City has a variety of assistance programs (many unique to our community) to help companies find lasting success. 
HandshakeA Priority: Property Redevelopment

Several years ago city leaders created the Forest Park Redevelopment Plan, a blueprint for the revitalization of underdeveloped, blighted or vacant commercial properties. Special incentives are available to medical, engineering, technology, financial services or advanced manufacturing companies that complete projects at targeted sites.

Why Forest Park?

  • Excellent Accessibility - Moments away from four interstate highways, our community offers quick and easy access to Greater Cincinnati's expansive transportation network, including two international airports.
  • Effective Incentives and Financing Options - Forest Park has a complete toolkit of economic development incentives to facilitate business expansion or relocation.  Moreover, we can connect you with county, regional, and state agencies that provide similar assistance.
  • Superior Labor Supply - Because of their strategic location, Forest Park businesses can attract qualified employees from Southwestern Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Southeastern Indiana.  Because of your location here, you will have an advantage in assembling your workforce.
  • First Class Business Environment - In addition to adequate utilities and business services, the City of Forest Park has made substantial investments to create an inviting business environment.  For example, we recently completed multi-million dollar corridor improvement projects on Winton Rd., Northland Blvd., and Waycross Rd.
  • Efficient City Services - The City of Forest Park has an excellent reputation for providing reliable and professional police, fire, life safety, and other municipal services.