Zoning Tables

Much of the frequently requested information is located in three tables in the printed version of the Forest Park Zoning Code. These tables are Appendix B: Use Status for Specific Zoning Districts, Appendix C: Basic Requirements by Zoning District, and Appendix D: Minimum Off-Street Parking Requirements.

 Appendix B

Appendix B shows the use status for particular land uses and business types by zoning district for all non-residential districts. Each is use is designated one of the four use classifications:

  • Permitted Uses are not restricted from a given district and require no special provisions but are subject to the required conditions of that district and other general conditions for all districts.

  • Special Exceptions are those uses which would ordinarily not be appropriate in a district without special restrictions. These uses may be permitted by the Planning Commission as provided in the Zoning Code. The control of such uses with a zone is necessary in order to promote and preserve the health, safety and general welfare of the public.

  • Accessory Uses are incidental to a primary permitted use or special exception located on the same lot, and are located in spaces that are integral to the main building.

  • Prohibited Uses are not permitted in a given district.

Important: Where a number occurs rather than a letter or symbol, you need to consult the Endnote Table.

Appendix B Introduction (pp. B4-B6) provides a full explanation of the use status and coding of uses.

The tables in Appendix B have been divided into several PDF files for ease of downloading. These files are:

  • B-1 to B:5:  Table of Contents and Introduction

  • B-6 to B-12:  Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Mining and Construction

  • B-13 to B-34:  Manufacturing, Transportation, Communications, Electric, Gas and Sanitary Services

  • B-35 to B-40:  Wholesale and Retail Trade

  • B-41 to B-44:  Finance, Insurance and Real Estate

  • B-45 to B-54:  Services, Public Administration and Non-Classifiable Establishments

  • B-55 to B-56:  Endnotes

  • B-57 to B-59:  Repair Services (Table B-2)

 Appendix C

Appendix C provides the basic requirements by zoning district. These are principally lot sizes, setbacks, lot coverage and building height. Appendix C is divided into to two files: the table and the endnotes. Important: Where a letter occurs instead of a number or symbol, you need to consult the endnote table.

 Appendix D

Appendix D provides the minimum off-street parking requirements and these requirements are applicable to all zoning districts.