Zoning By Property

Below is a comprehensive list of addresses and their coresponding zoning codes.  Use your browser's search function (usually ctrl+F on Windows, or command+F on Mac) to easily find your street.

Abbreviation District
 HS  Highway Service
 IP  Industrial Park
 M  Manufacturing
 O  Office
 PB  Planned Business
 PO  Planned Office
 PR-3  Planned Multi-Family Residence
 R-1  One Family Residence
 R-2  One Family Residence
 R-PUD  Residential Planned Unit Development
 SPA  Special Planning Area

Street Address Range Zoning
Adwood Dr All M
Ashburn Rd All M
Ballinger Rd All PB
Beaufort Ct All R-2
Bessinger Dr All R-2
Bradbury Dr All R-2
Brunner Dr All R-2
Brunswick Dr All R-2
Carillon Blvd All SPA-3
Carlsbad Rd All R-2
Carnegie Dr All R-2
Cascade Rd All R-2
Cedarcreek Dr All R-2
Chase Plaza Dr All PB
Chelmsford Rd All R-2
Childress Ct All R-2
Chipley Ct All R-2
Cincinnati Mills All PB
Colbert Cir All R-2
Converse Dr All R-2
Corona Rd All R-2
Coventry Ln All R-2
Cranford Dr All R-2
Crenshaw Ln All R-2
Crest Rd All R-PUD-7
Danbury Rd All R-2
Danvers Dr All R-2
Daphne Ct All R-2
Decatur Ct All R-2
Dewdrop Cir All PR-3
Dinsmore Dr All PR-3
Donora Ln  443 PR-3
11001-11099 R-2
Elkwood Dr All R-2
Embassy Dr All R-1
Endor Ct All R-1
Evangeline Rd All R-1
Exmoor Dr All R-1
Fairborn Rd All R-2
Faith Wy All R-2
Farmington Rd All R-2
Farnham Ct All R-2
Fiesta Ct All R-2
Fitchburg Ln All R-2
Flagler Ln All R-2
Folkstone Dr All R-2
Framingham Dr All R-2
Freemantle Dr All R-2
Fresno Rd  Even R-2
Odd PO
Frontier Ct All R-2
Gaffney Pl All R-2
Galahad Ct All R-2
Gallatin Ct All R-2
Galsworthy Ct All R-2
Gaylord Dr All R-1
Geneva Rd All R-2
Gerity Ct All R-2
Glasgow Dr All R-2
Goodhue Cir All R-2
Grandin Av All R-2
Gresham Pl All R-2
Gretna Ln All R-2
Guild Ct All R-2
Hackett Dr All R-2
Halesworth Dr All R-2
Hamden Dr All R-2
Hamilton Av 11008-11122 PB
Hamlet Rd All R-2
Hanover Rd    10000 R-2
11100 PR-3
11110-11299 R-1
11300-11825 R-2
Hanson Dr All R-2
Harden Ct All R-2
Hargrove Wy All R-2
Harington Ct All R-2
Harkin Dr All R-2
Harrogate Ct All R-2
Harwick Dr All R-2
Havensport Dr All R-2
Heatherstone Dr All R-2
Helmsburg Ct All R-2
Hinkley Dr All R-2
Hinton Pl All R-2
Hitchcock Dr All R-2
Hobbs Ln All R-2
Holderness Ln All R-2
Holgate Dr All R-2
Hollingsworth Wy All R-2
Holyoke Dr All R-2
Hopedale Ct All R-2
Horatio Ct All R-2
Imhoff Ct All R-2
Imprint Ln All R-2
Indra Ct All R-2
Innercircle Dr All R-1
Ironstone Dr All R-2
Islandale Dr All R-2
Ivyrock Ct All R-2
Jason Dr All R-1
Jeremy Ct All R-1
Jonquilmeadow Dr All R-1
Juneberry Dr All R-1
Kalmar Dr All R-2
Karahill Dr All R-2
Kary Ln All R-2
Kelvin Ct All R-2
Kemper Rd (West)         637-747 (Odd) R-2
760-1099 R-2
1101-1117 (Odd) R-2
1125-1199 (Odd) SPA-2
1100-1198 (Even) PB
1201-1213 (Odd) R-2
1215 PO
1217-1899 (Odd) R-2
1200-1498 (Even) SPA-1
Kemper Meadow Dr    900-1049 R-PUD-7
1050 PO
1051-1199 PB
1200-1599 SPA-1
Kempersprings Dr All SPA-1
Kenn Rd    11300 O
11340 PO
11343-11599 R-2
11601-11855 (Odd) R-2
Kenross Ct All R-2
Kenshire Dr All R-2
Kentbrook Ct All R-2
Kesta Pl All R-2
Keyridge Dr All R-2
Kingsbury Dr All R-2
Kodiak Dr All R-PUD-7
Komura Ct All R-2
Kristen Pl All R-2
Lassiter Dr All R-2
Leander Ct All R-2
Lemontree Dr All R-2
Lewiston Ct All R-2
Lincolnshire Dr  11161-11297 R-1
11300-11581 R-2
Lincrest Dr All R-2
Lockport Ct All R-2
Lodgeview Ct All R-2
Logenberry Cir All R-2
Longacre Dr All R-2
Lumberjack Dr All R-PUD-7
Lyncross Dr All R-2
Madison Av All R-2
Mandarin Ct All R-2
Mandarin Dr All R-2
Manford Ct All R-2
Mckelvey Rd All R-2
Mill Rd    10855 PR-3
11400-11599 R-2
11600-11698 (Even) R-1
11601-11698 (Odd) R-2
Morrocco Ct All R-2
Mountholly Ct All R-2
Napoleon Ln All R-2
Nathanial Dr All R-2
Netherland Ct All R-2
Newgate Ln All R-2
Newhope Dr All R-2
Norbourne Dr  11400-11599 R-2
11600-11799 SPA-1
Northland Blvd       401-625 M
630-690 (Even) O
631-695 (Odd) PB
702 HS
704-750 (Even) PR-3
707-757 (Odd) R-2
763-848 R-2
Oakstand Dr All R-2
Odessa Ct All R-2
Olympia Wy All R-PUD-7
Omniplex Ct All PB
Omniplex Dr  1201-1217 HS
1218-1299 PB
Onyx Ct All R-2
Ottercreek Dr All R-2
Owenton Ct All R-2
Oxfordshire Ln All R-2
Paragon Ct All PR-3
Parkridge Ct All R-2
Passage Wy All R-PUD-7
Pellston Ct All PB
Pennington Ct All PR-3
Promenade Dr All PR-3
Quail Ct All PR-3
Quail Hollow Pl All PR-3
Quailridge Ct All PR-3
Quailwood Ct All PR-3
Ramondi Pl All R-2
Rangoon Ct All R-2
Raphael Pl All R-2
Ravensberg Ct All R-2
Reliance Dr  2100 - 2275 R-2
2276 - 2299 O
Riga Ct All R-2
Rodoan Ct All R-2
Rose Ln All R-2
Rubicon Pl All R-2
Schappelle Ln All IP
Sebring Dr All IP
Sharon Rd (West)   500-598 (Even) M
650-851 R-2
1254-1300 (Even) M
Smiley Ave   751-999 R-2
1010-1060 R-1
1081-1198 PB
1199 HS
Southland Rd    10998-11322 (Even) M
11324-11332 (Even) R-PUD-14
11331 O
11350-11599 R-2
Southstead Dr All R-PUD-7
Springside Ct All R-PUD-7
Stapleton Ct All IP
Trailwood Ct All PR-3
Turfwood Ct All PR-3
Versailles All PR-3
Waycross Rd           492-723 R-2
741-747 (Odd) PO
742-772 (Even) O
825-948 R-2
949-1599 (Odd) R-1
1016-1598 (Even) R-2
1600 - 1799 O
1900 - 2198 (Even) IP
1901 - 2199 (Odd) PR-3
2200 - 2299 PB
Williamson Ct All R-2
Williamson Dr All R-2
Winston Cir All R-2
Winford Ct All R-2
Winford Ln All R-2
Winton Rd   11400-11550 SPA-2
11555 R-2
11880 HS
Woodbridge Ct All R-1