General Information
Zoning is the division of land in the city into geographical areas or "zones" for the purpose of regulating land usage and construction. In general, the regulations within a zone are the same for all properties, and the regulations differ from zone to zone. The zones are shown on the Official Zoning Map of the city.

The major distinctions in the Forest Park Zoning Code are residential, commercial, industrial, and mixed-use. Each of the broad categories are further divided into the districts listed below.

Residential Zoning Districts
  • R-1 One-Family Residence (half-acre lots)
  • R-2 One-Family Residence (quarter-acre lots)
  • R-3 (Not currently used)
  • PR-3 Planned Multi-Family Residential
  • R-PUD Residential Planned Unit Development 
Commercial Zoning Districts
  • PB Planned Business (Retail-Restaurant-Personal Services-Office)
  • O Office 
  • PO Planned Office
  • HS Highway Service (Restaurant-Automotive-Convenience)
Industrial Zoning Districts
  • M Manufacturing 
  • IP Industrial Park
Mixed-Use Zoning Districts
  • SPA-1 Special Planning Area No. 1 (Kemper Meadow)
  • SPA-2 Special Planning Area No.  2 (East side  of Winton south of Kemper) 
  • SPA-3 Special Planning Area No. 3 (Carillon Park)
  • SPA-4 Special Planning Area No. 4 (Northland)

General Regulations in the Zoning Code
The Zoning Code includes sections regulating the use or construction of the following:
  • Fences
  • Parking 
  • Accessory Structures
  • Dumpsters and Storage Units

Zoning Tables (Appendices B, C and D)
Zoning for a Specific Property
Due to the master-planned nature of the community, most zoning districts cover large tracts of land; there is very little "spot-zoning" within Forest Park. Zoning for a particular property can be found if you know the street address, by consulting the zoning-by-street table.