Property Owners

Forest Park residents expect high standards of property maintenance, with well-kept homes, clean streets, uncluttered commercial areas, and promptly maid repairs.  The Property Maintenance Division of the Community Development Departments takes a proactive role in upholding these community standards.

The Property Maintenance Division also responds to complaints regarding property maintenance or upkeep.

If necessary, a citation can be issued to bring a home owner into compliance with the standards of the community, but our experience has been that about 90% of home owners will take care of a problem voluntarily if notified of the issue.

City Code RequiresProperly maintained home
  • Grass height must not exceed 7 inches
  • Trash cans must be brought in on the day of pick-up
  • Vehicles must have current tags, inflated tires, and no broken windows to be considered operable
  • Houses must be painted with no boarded windows, garage doors, etc.
  • Property should be kept litter free at all times

If you would like to report a property that is not maintaining these standards, please complete a Property Complaint.