Community Development

The Community Development Department was established in 1974 and administers planning, zoning, housing and code enforcement in Forest Park. The department includes 2 full-time and 3 part-time staff members. Most permits are issued by Community Development, as are certain licenses. The City's Redevelopment Program is jointly administered with Economic Development. 

Planning & ZoningFP Planning Commission Seal
Comprehensive Master Plan
Redevelopment Plan
Development Review
Permit Center
Planning Commission
Sign Review and Enforcement
Subdivision Review
Zoning Administration

Forest Park Poster V1Housing
Home  Repair Grant
Nuisance-Animal Trap Lending
Property Code Enforcement
Vacant Property Registration
Seasonal Lawn Care
Single-Family Rental Inspection

Redevelopment Program
Property Acquisition and Disposition
Specialized and Small Area Plans
Streetscape Improvements

Amusement Game Licensing
CDBG Grants
Cellular and Communication Towers