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The day-to-day operation of the City of Forest Park is the responsibility of the City Manager, Donnie R. Jones, the chief administrator of the City appointed by the City Council. The City Manager is responsible for providing and maintaining the essential City services through the efficient and effective management and operation of the City.  Specifically, the City Manager is responsible for the supervision of all City departments, preparation of the annual operating budget and oversight of financial condition, and the enforcement of laws and Ordinances within the City. He also serves as the contracting agent for the city government. The City Manager delegates responsibility and coordinates the activities performed daily by each department.
The City Manager can assist City Council through the proposal of policy measures and initiatives for its consideration, however, the Mayor and City Council determine policies and set direction for the City through legislative measures. The execution of the City Council's policies is the paramount responsibility of the City Manager.
The City provides many basic services to the residents of Forest Park including fire and police protection, recreational activities, community and economic development, and maintenance of the public infrastructure.