Clerk of Council

SallySally Boyd
Clerk of Council
Phone: 513-595-5208
Fax: 513-595-5285

The Clerk of Council for the City of Forest Park is the municipality's custodian of all official records. Responsibilities in the Office of the Clerk of Council include annually updating the Municipal Code, compiling and securing all necessary documentation for City Council's consideration, preparing legislation, certificates, and proclamations, preparing the agenda for all meetings of Council, and preparing Council tax and operating budgets. An index is maintained in the Clerk's Office of all actions of Council for quick retrieval upon request of citizens or another office of our local government. Legal advertising is handled in the Office of the Clerk of Council, as well as the proper distribution and notification of legislation passed by City Council.

The Clerk of Council attends all meetings of City Council, prepares the journal, provides any and all secretarial services for the Mayor and City Council upon request, and performs all other duties incidental to the office of Clerk of Council not inconsistent with the Charter.