Use and Occupancy

A Certificate of Occupancy is required whenever a change of use of a building occurs, and whenever a new owner or tenant moves into a commercial or business building or space. Special use and occupancy inspections are made by the building and fire departments at the time of a new tenant/owner move-in of a commercial/business/building or space. It should be noted that all uses require zoning approval by the Community Development Department, as well as approval and inspection by the Building Department.  

When all inspections are completed, and the building conforms with all the requirements of the building code, a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued for the building, addition, space, or structure. The Certificate of Occupancy must be issued before the owner or tenant may move in and occupy the building or space. Until the Certificate of Occupancy is issued, the tenant or general public has no assurance that the building is safe for occupancy.