Related Construction Agencies

Other Forest Park departments may also have regulations which control or effect parts of a construction project. The Building Department will forward documents and plans to the Fire Department and the Community Development Department, but any necessary approvals of stormwater improvements, right-of-way improvements, traffic and other engineering improvements, as well as original Council or Planning Commission approvals, must be initiated by the applicant directly with the appropriate departments.

Direct contact with other local and state agencies is also required to obtain various other permits and approvals. The following is a listing of the departments and agencies and the regulations which they enforce:

  1. Forest Park Stormwater Utility (513-595-5258)
    • stormwater drainage and water management regulations
  2. Forest Park City Engineer (513-595-5247)
    • public roads, right-of-way improvements, subdivisions
  3. Forest Park Public Works Department (513-595-5246)
    • coordination and inspection of work within the right-of-way
  4. Forest Park Community Development Department (513-595-5215)
    • zoning approvals (inc. signs, occupancy)
    • coordinates City Council and Planning Commission approvals
    • housing code enforcement other than construction
    • variances, special exceptions
  5. Forest Park Fire Department (513-595-5276)
    • Forest Park and Ohio Fire Codes
  6. Inspection Bureau Incorporated (513-381-6080)
    250 W. Court St., Room 320-E, Cincinnati, OH 45202
    • National Electrical Code
    • electrical permit issuance, plan review, and inspection
  7. Plumbing Division, Hamilton Co. Board of Health (946-7852)
    250 Wm. Howard Taft Road, Cincinnati, OH 45219 
    • Ohio Planning Code
    • Plumbing permit issuance, plan review, inspection
  8. Hamilton Co. Health Department (513-946-7800)
    250 Wm. Howard Taft Road, Cincinnati, OH 45219
    • environmental sanitation regulations
    • mobile home park laws and rules
  9. Metropolitan Sewer District (244-1350)
    1600 Gest St., Cincinnati, OH 45204
    • rules and regulations governing the design, construction, maintenance, operation, and use of sanitary sewers
    • approves requests for hook-up to sanitary sewers
  10. Cincinnati Water Works  (513-591-7700)
    4747 Spring Grove Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45232
    • approved requests for hook-up to the public water supply
  11. Duke Energy (513-421-9500)
    • approves hook-up to gas & electric utilities
  12. Ohio Department of Health
    450 E. Town St., P.O. Box 118, Columbus, OH 43216
    • Regulates public swimming pools
  13. Boiler Division, Ohio Dept. Of Industrial Relations
    • issues permits, approves plans, inspects all boilers
    • enforces the Ohio Boiler Code
  14. Elevator Division, Ohio Dept. of Industrial Relations
    • issues permits, approves plans, inspects all elevators
    • escalators, dumbwaiters, and other lift equipment
    • enforces the Ohio Elevator Code