Building Complaint Process

The Building Department responds to complaints regarding building construction code violations, suspected illegal uses or business activities, and conditions creating substandard or unsafe buildings and which affect the public health, safety and welfare.

All complaints are investigated; however, in some cases the Building Dept. has no jurisdiction; and, in other cases, there may be no law or ordinance to address the matter. Where it can be determined that another department or agency may have jurisdiction, referrals are made. While many situations may be irritating to a homeowner/tenant, or general public, the department attempts to resolve only legitimate complaints and to avoid involvement in matters which are properly considered civil, frivolous or malicious.

Any decision of the building inspector may be appealed to the building official. However, the building official may not grant relief or variance from a building code requirement under Forest Park and Ohio law. If the building official cannot reverse the decision or action of an inspector based on interpretation of the appropriate code, then that decision of the building official may be appealed to the Forest Park Board of Building Appeals in cases within the jurisdiction of the Forest Park Building Code, or to the Ohio Board of Building Appeals for those buildings regulated by the Ohio Building Code.

Issues regarding zoning requirements are appealed to the Forest Park Board of Zoning Appeals through Community Development Department procedures.

If you would like to submit a complaint to the Building Department, please call (513)-595-5264.  You may also contact us via email at