Stormwater Advisory Board

The Stormwater Advisory Board consists of a member of Council and four persons appointed by Council.  No more then three residential homeowners may be on the board at any one time.  At least one local business person shall be on the board.
Members serve overlapping terms of four years.  The Councilmember shall serve for the term of his or her office.  The Stormwater Advisory Board meets quarterly; attendance at three of the four scheduled meetings is required.  The duties of the Stormwater Advisory Board shall be to review and promote public awareness of the progress and activities of the Utility, to provide input as to needed projects and assist in priortizing of those projects, and to make recommendation regarding proposals for amendments to the stormwater management code, including but not limited, to master plans, rules, regulations, service charges, and appointments or re-appointments of any member of the Board.
Stormwater Advisory Board Members:
George Cummings
Steve Denny
Joshua Shiffer
Dave Stenger
Chuck Johnson - Council Liaison
Dave Buesking - Staff Liaison -- Director of Stormwater Utility

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