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Forest Park Fire Department Public Education Programs

The City of Forest Park Fire Department seeks to provide its community with the widest possible dissemination of information relating to fire and other life safety hazards. This is accomplished through a variety of programs offered by the Department. We work within our community to ensure that all of our citizens learn how to become safer at home, at work, and at play. The following programs are offered through the Forest Park Fire Department:
Child Passenger Safety Program
Firefighter/Paramedic Bruce Ehas installs a car seatWe offer this program through scheduled reservations. This program is in place so we can educate someone who will be transporting a child in a safety seat. We demonstrate how to properly install these seats and then we have the parent or guardian demonstrate the same. Firefighters conducting the inspections are trained by staff members of the Children's Hospital Medical Center. For additional information, or to make a reservation, please complete the Child Car Seat Installation Appointment Request form or call our office at 513/595-5291 during normal business hours. This is a free service.
Smoke Detector ProgramLieutenant Jason Geiser
Smoke alarms are the most important safety features of your home. Properly installed, working smoke alarms will give you the early warning you need to safely escape from a fire. Check your smoke detector monthly to make sure it is working properly. If you are in need of a smoke detector, or replacement batteries, please complete the Smoke Detector Installation Request form or contact our office during normal business hours at 513/595-5291. Smoke detectors for the hearing impaired are also offered. Personnel will schedule an appointment to install a smoke detector in your home. These are provided to us through the American Red Cross.

CPR and First Aid
The Forest Park Fire Department offers Adult, Child and Infant CPR programs to Forest Park residents and businesses monthly. We also schedule additional classes for groups of 10 or more at your convenience. The following classes are offered in our facility located at 1201 West Kemper Road by our Division of Training and Education.
American Safety & Health Programs (ASHI)
  1. CPR Community & Workplace (2-6 hours): This program can be customized to include any orCPR Class all of the following components: adult, child and/or infant CPR, choking emergencies and automatic external defibrillators. This is the basic level class for individuals requiring a minimum certification course.
  2. First Aid & CPR combination (8 hours): This program is designed to meet OSHA requirements for first aid certification. Includes managing bleeding, fractures, sprains, environmental and medical emergencies. This combination package includes both CPR and First Aid certifications.
  3. CPR Professional (6-8 hours) and CPR Professional Refresher (4-6 hours): This program is offered by request with a group of 10 or more. This program is designed for individuals requiring BLS certification for employment in the healthcare field.
Please complete the CPR and First Aid Class Request form or contact us during normal business hours at 513/595-5291 for schedules, pricing and additional information on our CPR and first aid programs.
Blood Pressure Checks
Blood Pressure CuffWe conduct free blood pressure checks anytime someone arrives at the station to request this. We also do screenings at various fire safety outings throughout the year. Untreated high blood pressure is a strong risk factor for stroke and cardiovascular disease, so getting it checked regularly and getting it under control is of great importance!
Commercial/Residential Knox Box Program
In order to access buildings quickly, minimize forced entry damage, and protect firefighters from injury, the Forest Park Fire Department has adopted the Knox Box Program.
Knox Boxes are constructed of 1/4" solid steel with a 1/2" steel door and reinforced locking mechanism.  They are UL listed against physical attack and the security lock is patented and UL listed for drill, pick and pull resistance.  The master key to open the Knox Box is held ONLY by the Forest Park Fire Department.  This high security key is strictly controlled and is produced ONLY under direction from an authorized fire official's signature.  Once installed near the entrance to your commercial property, fire department personnel lock your building entrance key inside the Knox Box so that it is available onsite for future emergencies.
Knox Box
If your commercial property needs a Knox Box, please contact the Knox Company at 800-552-5669 or visit their website at www.knoxbox.com.  Otherwise, please contact the Fire Department to obtain an order form.  Once you have received your Knox Box, please contact the Fire Department for installation instructions and approval.
Our residential community, like many others, has become an older community. In an effort to make entry into a home during an emergency where the resident was unable to provide entry for the EMS crew, we decided to expand our current Knox Box Program to address the residential issue. These boxes are installed on the resident's front door on a "loaner" basis up to three months, as requested by the resident.
The box serves the same purpose as those in the business community; it eliminates forced entry and cuts down time delay. This program is offered at no cost to the residents. If you are interested in obtaining a "loaner" residential Knox Box, please complete the Residential Knox Box Request form or contact our office at 513/595-5271 during normal business hours.
Fire Station Tours
This is one of our most popular programs offered. Although we may have many small groups of Firehouse Tourpeople touring the station at any given time, most of our visitors are scheduled groups. Throughout the year, we average several hundred visitors touring the station. A majority of these visitors are usually repeat visitors. A firehouse tour beings with a video followed by a visit from a firefighter dressing in their turnout gear in order for the children to watch the transformation of a firefighter in station wear to being ready to fight a fire. We also teach STOP, DROP & ROLL, 9-1-1, home escape plans, and other fire safety tips.
Every year, the Forest Park Fire Department hosts an Open House at our main station to kick off the nationally recognized Fire Prevention Week. This event consists of a variety of activities for the public to participate in. If you would like to schedule a visit, please complete the Fire Station Tour Request form or contact our office at 513/595-5291 during normal business hours.
Fire Extinguisher Training
Fire ExtinguisherThis program is available to everyone, but is mostly utilized by the business community. These are arranged by scheduling an appointment. The class consists of a lecture session, which includes handouts. We then set up a live fire environment by using a shallow burn pan containing a combustible liquid. A firefighter will then demonstrate the proper technique used to extinguish a small fire with a portable extinguisher. Each participant is given a chance to try their hand at putting out a fire themselves.
If you would like to schedule a fire extinguisher training class, please complete the Fire Extinguisher Training Class Request form or contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at 513/595-5291 during normal business hours.
Juvenile Firesetter Intervention ProgramTroubled Teen
The problem of juvenile firesetting is gaining increasing attention. Children under the age of 17 account for a startling number of fires. Firesetting behavior is progressive and left untreated has an 81% probability of being repeated. If you are experiencing a problem with a child who would benefit from the Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Program and would like to request a consultation with a program representative, please complete the Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Program Request form or contact the Fire Prevention Bureau at 513/595-5271 during normal business hours.
Fire Explorer Program
If you are between the ages of 14 and 21 and have an interest in HANDS ON training with the City of Forest Park Fire Department, we want you! You will learn all aspects of the Fire Department - training and day-to-day operations. You will be able to do most of the training maneuvers alongside professional firefighters. If you would like to join the Fire Explorer Program, please contact our offices during normal business hours.

Special Events
In addition to the above-mentioned programs provided by our department, our educational efforts branch out into various other areas including, but not limited to: fire drills, tornado drills, life safety checks in places of assembly, safety fairs, educational sessions in the schools, lectures for civic groups and apparatus demonstrations.

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