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ECO-Tier Solid Waste/Recycling Collection Service


ECO-Tier stand for "Economy" and "Ecology"
Economy ..... It is less expensive than the "Full Service" solid waste/recycling collection program
Ecology ....... Less material being buried in landfills and more material being captured by recycling
The ECO-Tier Solid Waste/Recycling Collection Service is specifically designed for:
  • residents who consistently generate small amounts of solid waste
  • residents who actively recycle
Residents interested in registering for the program must first complete and submit a registration form.   Once received, the Environmental Awareness Program will contact you to make sure you fully understand the Program.  If the residents still wishes to participate, the Environmental Program Manager will contact Rumpke and the Cincinnati Waterworks to modify their accounts. 
Residents have a choice between using a 35-gallon or 65-gallon brown Rumpke trash container (at no charge).  Please remember, all trash must be put in the container you select.  If you place additional bags beside the Rumpke container for collection, you will need to put $1 stickers on them in order to be collected.
If a resident decides they would prefer the container that was not chosen, please call the Environmental Awareness Program and the Program Manger will order a switch.

If, after participating in the Program, residents decide the program is not appropriate for them and they want to return to the "full service" collection program, contact the Environmental Awareness Program and residents' accounts will be changed back.  However, once a resident has return to full service, they will not be allowed to go back to the ECO-Tier Program.  There is no switching "back-and-forth."


Garbage Truck

Compare Programs
ONLY single and two family households are include
Two (2) solid waste collection options are available
1.  Full Service Program option
     (New residents are automatically enrolled in this option)
2.  ECO-Tier Service Program option
     (Must Register)


ECO-Tier Service Program Description 
•   LOWER monthly solid waste collection cost
$13/month (Eco-Tier) instead of $18/month (Full Service)


•   NO trash container rental fee (residents select between a 35-gallon or 65-gallon trash container)

•   Residents must use the selected Rumpke trash container
•   All weekly trash/garbage must be in the selected container with lid closed
•   Additional bags require a $1 sticker for collection


•  Stickers

$1 Stickers can be purchased at the Community Development Office in the Forest Park Municipal Building.

SW Sticker

 Things to consider when thinking about when you might need stickers

•   ALL solid waste is include in this program
•   Yard waste is included in ALL solid waste (grass and leaves)
•   If you enjoy hosting gatherings or parties, extra trash may mean more stickers


•   Curbside Recycling at NO CHARGE

Three (3) recycling containers are now available.  

The more you recycle, the less you have to put in the 35 gallon or 65-gallon Rumpke trash container.

•    Large Item Collection - One (1) large item per week maximum
Large items are items over 75 lbs or can not fit in a trash container. You must notify Rumpke
at least 48 hours in advance of your weekly solid waste collection day if you are going to
place a large item on the curb. Items containing Freon must be drained by a professional
with a "Freon Recovery Statement" attached before Rumpke will pick it up.
Special Large Item Preparations
•   Carpeting:
Cut carpet into strips 4 ft wide and roll into bundles (24" in diameter maximum)
1-5 rolls = 1 large item
•    Mattress and Boxsprings
Rumpke may ask you to wrap in large plastic bag (bed bugs)
•   For the following information, return to Solid Waste/Recycling Services page
•   Weekly collection Schedules
•   Solid Waste Collection Billing
•   Important phone numbers and email addresses
•   Important things to know

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