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Inspection Checklist

The following items included in all rental/leasing inspections. This list is provided as a guide to help keep the property in compliance with the Forest Park Housing Code. It does not relieve the owner from complying with other provisions of the Forest Park Code of Ordinances not listed below.

Exterior Property Areas

· Property is properly drained; no excessive ponding; drains not connected to sanitary sewers.

· Property is free from insect and rodent harborage.

· Domestic animals and pets are kept in sanitary conditions on premises.

· Accessory structures on exterior property areas are in good repair.

Structure Exterior

· Foundation walls in good repair and structurally sound.

· Exterior surface that is bare, deteriorated, decaying in poor repair is repaired or razed.

· Stairs, porches and railings are in good repair and structurally sound.

· Structure is weather and watertight.

· Protective coatings applied on all exterior surfaces.

· Exterior surfaces free of dirt, grime, peeling or flaking paint.

· Free from missing or loose overhanging objects; gutters, roof shingles, siding, downgles, siding, downspouts, shutters.

· Guards and screens for protection against rodents and insects.

· Every window and exterior door is substantially tight and in good condition.

· Window sash fully supplied with glass window panes without cracks, holes, boarded up.

· Basement and cellar hatchways maintained to prevent entrance of rodents, rain and

· surface drainage water.

· Doors/windows not boarded. Boards must be removed and glass free of breakage.

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